Reverse Alarms Whitenoise

'White Noise' reversing alarms are the safest and yet quietest on the market. The distinct "ssh ssh" sound is less irritating than tonal beeping alarms, preventing workers from becoming de-sensitised to the warning.

The sound emitted is directional and therefore instantly locatable, enabling pedestrians to work out exactly which vehicle is moving and in which direction, therefore allowing them to move to safety. This makes them the safest option for the visually impaired who may not be able to see the vehicle reversing but will hear the direction it is reversing in.

The wide spectrum of frequencies created means the hearing impaired are often able to detect some sound, unlike with narrow band tonal alarms. White sound reversing alarms work effectively at lower decibel ratings containing the sound only in the danger area.

  • Broadband sound reverse alarm
  • Dual voltage 12/24V

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