1/2" BSP Flat Faced Coupling Set

1/2" BSP Flat Faced Coupling Set

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Hydraulic quick connect couplings are robust and secure quick-action couplings designed for high-pressure operation with hydraulic applications. They provide a fast, convenient way to repeatedly connect and disconnect hydraulic fluid lines. Our range of couplings from VosWinkle are industrial quality, German made couplings offering the highest pressure ratings in the market. 


  • Operating pressure: up to 350 bar
  • Temperature: -20°C to + 100°C
  • Sealing description: Nitrile NBR
  • Material: High strength carbon steel
  • Locking mechanism: Locking ball and safety lock
  • Valving style: Flat face
  • Connection system: Push
  • Flow Rate: up to 750 L/Min
  • JCB OEM;  929/06202 & 929/06303 


  • Flat face is easy to clean, reducing the inclusion of contamination inside the hydraulic circuit
  • Minimal fluid spillage during disconnection, reducing fluid spillage to the environment
  • Minimal air inclusion during connection
  • Internal valve design creates minimal pressure drop, maintaing circuit efficiency in the system
  • The modular design allows flexibility with a wide range of configurations
  • Good resistance to pressure impulses

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