Exol Mp2 Grease Screw Type

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Exol Libra XL EP2 is an adhesive multipurpose grease.  It is a heavy-duty, adhesive, aging and water resistant, lithium soap based multipurpose grease.  Offers outstanding corrosion protection and excellent low temperature characteristics. It is smooth and work-stable.

  • Screw Type Cartridge ('System Reiner' type)
  • Size: 500g cartridge (sold singly or in packs of 12)
  • Used with HOL0041 grease gun (genuine) or the HOL0186 (non-genuine)



  • Extremely adhesive
  • Aging resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Extraordinary corrosion protection
  • Mechanically loadable


  • It is the perfect universal lubricating grease for applications in cars, trucks and machinery
  • Can also be used as battery terminal grease

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