Fuel Conditioning & Cleaning

Quality Fuel cleaning and conditioning

At HTS we stock a number of approved cleaners and conditioners for your fuel storage and diesel engines. These products help to maintain plant and machinery in the best condition possible when you encounter poor fuel quality. A cleaner and conditioner can help with cold starting, lubrication, preventing the fouling of the fuel filter and cleaning the injectors. It also cleans and protects the entire fuel system against corrosion.

Using fuel conditioners and cleaners can

  • Compensate for reduced lubricity found in some low sulphur diesel fuels, protecting fuel pumps and injectors from wear and scuffing
  • Improves fuel stability, reducing the formation of gums, sludge and deposits that can block fuel filters
  • Improves fuel combustion for a smoother operation, making starting easier at cold temperatures, and helping to reduce white smoke
  • Help keep water in the fuel dispersed as tiny drops, making it easier to be eliminated during combustion, helping to eliminate corrosion damage caused by water.
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