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Fuel Tank Water Soakers

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Fuel Tank Water Soakers are made with a super absorbent polymer with mesh filter containment, this high absorbency allows this water soaker to efficiently remove water build-up from condensation in fuel tanks.

Condensation commonly builds in fuel tanks but is especially prevalent in both marine and agricultural equipment that may be stored outside for long periods of time. This build up can cause damage to expensive and critical fuel injection components, removing this built up water from a fuel tank can help to improve longevity of the engine and avoid expensive repairs.

These water soaker lays at the bottom of the fuel tank and will remove all current water build up and prevent any future build up. Available in three sizes. 

Water Soaker Care:

  • Check your water soaker regularly (monthly is best).
  • Replace not later than every 3 months.
  • The water soaker is full when the nylon bladder has fully expanded into the mesh and should be replaced.
  • Ensure the soaker is placed in the tank so it does not obstruct sender units or the fuel outlet.
  • Always dispose of your soaker in accordance with local regulations.

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