New range of hydraulic couplings now live!

We are pleased to announce that our new range of Flat Face Hydraulic Couplings (The 'FF' Series) is now live and available to buy.

The FF series represents the consequential advancement of the long standing and proven flat seal couplings of the FIRG series. The use of better quality materials allows for even higher operating pressures than those pressures stated in the standard ISO 16028. 

This range is ideally suited even to the most arduous of applications and tasks such as demolition hammers and other extreme pressure tools. The function of the flat seal couplings is widely known. Innovative to the series FF is that all sizes are by default equipped with a safety system against accidental decoupling which the user can activate as an option.

The construction of the flat valves ensures that coupling and decoupling only leads to minimum oil losses and/or air locks. 

The working pressures have been upgraded across the entire range, the seals have also been upgraded and there are added extra locking balls to reduce the brinelling effect under pressure.

The couplings feature extra hardened flat face valves to ensure they do not mark or score when the couplings are assembled with dirt on them.

With up to 1200 pairs of couplings in stock at any one time we have the ability to supply any requirements you may have.


Click here to browse the range.


Watch the video below to see the main differences between the FF Series couplings and other, standard couplings.


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