NEW to HTS! Upgraded LED Lighting Tower heads!

With the summer drought fast becoming a fading memory and the dark nights of winter well and truly upon us we know it's the Lighting Tower Season once again!

HTS are excited to be bringing another new product to the Lighting Tower market that will offer you the chance to the increase efficiency and performance of your existing Lighting Tower units quickly and easily. This new product will ensure you have the latest LED technology without incurring the high cost of new machinery.

Enter the new Superbright 240W LED Head Kit. This retro fit head gives out a massive 40,800 lumens of light, which is the equivalent of a traditional 1000W Metal Halide head. A set of the lamps can be fitted in under 90 minutes transforming a traditional VT1 metal halide type lighting tower, or similar, into an eco-friendly, fuel efficient unit at the fraction of the cost of buying a new machine.

The lamps comes complete with a unique bracket design which allows the head to be fitted to most standard lighting tower units. The head design means that the ballast units and ignitors in machine will need to be bypassed, this can be done quickly and easily by a qualified auto electrician.

Quick, easy and very effective these new heads are a no-brainer! In under 90 minutes you can transform an old-style lighting tower unit into the latest of LED technology.

Useful links

Click here for the 200W head

Click here for the 240W head

Click here to download the product spec sheet


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