Plant Tag - Tagging your plant just got a whole lot easier!

Plant-tag is the quickest, easiest and clearest way to tag your plant with a colour coded status label.

Developed by HTS exclusively for our customers, you can tell at a glance whether a piece of equipment is:

  1. Ready for Hire - Green tags
  2. Awaiting Check  - Yellow tags
  3. Under Repair - Red tags


A first for the market, these durable tags are easy to attach to almost any piece of equipment, from a small drill to an excavator! The tags are made from a heavy-duty plastic which makes them fully weatherproof and easy to write on. What’s more they can be used time and time again.


Tagging your plant has just got a whole lot easier!


Search the codes below to get yours now!

HSP1113 – Under Repair Red Labels – 25pk

HSP1114 – Awaiting Check Yellow Labels - 25pk

HSP1115 - Ready For Hire Green Labels – 25pk

HSP1116Plant-tag Starter Kit – 75pk (25 of each colour)

“HTS make it so easy to order from, and the packet of sweets with every order is a great touch!” Barry - Leeds

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