Accreditations & Corporate Social Responsibility


HTS Spares have the following accreditations:

  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • Construction Line
  • Citation Approved

Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at HTS Spares, we take responsibility in ensuring our business is conducted in the most responsible way. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy refers to our responsibility towards society and the environment.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy outlines the efforts we make at HTS Spares to give back to society and the environment.

This policy applies to our company and its subsidiaries. It may also refer to suppliers and partners.


HTS Spares will:

  • Ensure that all its business operations are legitimate
  • Keep every partnership and collaboration transparent and open

Business ethics

HTS Spares will promote:

  • Safety and fair dealing
  • Respect toward the consumer
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices


The Company acknowledges the importance of its employees and values people from all cultures, religion, nationalities and ethnicities regardless of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability.

Fundraising and Charitable Giving

At HTS Spares we are committed to helping others and we proudly support several local and national charities each year, making substantial donations and offering our time and services to community projects. The worthy charities we select cover a wide spectrum of causes. We spend a lot of time researching their work done and many of them relate to circumstances that have touched the lives of our staff and friends.

Waste Management & Recycling

It is an HTS company policy to ensure a high level of commitment to good environmental policies throughout our business activities.

It is our full intention to develop this policy by minimising the production of waste, through improving purchasing practice and reducing packaging materials used throughout the business. We will also reuse and recycle materials whenever practical to do so.

To help ensure we give proper consideration to our environmental and waste management responsibilities, and to assist in the minimisation of waste and the recycling of materials wherever practical, systems and procedures will be implemented to encourage the recycling of materials with a view to minimising the overall levels of waste we produce. All staff are expected to abide by the following procedures and co-operate with management in the execution of this policy.

Specific Aims

  • As part of our company commitment to help protect the environment and reducing waste levels, we have introduced the following specific aims;
  • Cultivate a work environment where there is a high level of awareness of waste management, waste minimisation and a genuine desire to recycle and reuse materials when practical. 
  • Promote a sense of responsibility in the use of both office materials and warehousing material, and in particular paper.
  • Implement the use of recycled/reclaimed packaging materials; Completely remove from our distribution function the use of single-use plastic and replace with recycled card materials.
  • Minimise waste by encouraging the exchange and reuse of equipment and materials amongst departments including the warehousing operation.
  • Encourage employees in our offices and warehouse to promote and establish recycling schemes that are applicable to their individual activities.
  • Favour suppliers who actively operate according to sound environmental principles.
  • Implement a companywide ban on the use of single use plastic water bottles. A reusable alternative is provided by the company.

We will continue to develop this company policy further and continue to work to further reduce our environmental impact by cutting waste and recycling wherever possible.