How to protect yourself with PPE when strimming


Protecting your safety whilst operating a brushcutter is crucial. Brushcutters can appear simple to use, but complacency be incredibly dangerous. Following correct working methods and applying the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will help you stay safe.

Protective clothing must be sturdy and close-fitting, but allow complete freedom of movement. Do not wear anything that could get caught either in the machine or in your surroundings, such as in branches, wood or scrub. Whilst operating the brushcutter, do not wear scarves, ties, jewellery, or anything else that hangs loose. Long hair must be tied back at all times the machine is in use.

IMPORTANT: Protective clothing alone is not enough!

Protective clothing will not provide total protection. It is not a substitute for safe working practices. Make sure you are fully aware of all the operating instructions and safety considerations in your Instruction Manual before starting the machine.

At HTS, we offer a good range of PPE to keep you safe whilst operating a brushcutter:


Eyes and face

You should always wear goggles and facial protection whilst using a strimmer. Stones and other objects can flick up when hit with the machine and cause eye damage, including blindness. We have a number of options available for protecting the face and eyes

Safety glasses: We offer standard safety glasses (HSP0024) as well as a version which can be worn over glasses (HSP0021)

Goggles: (HSP0022)

Forestry Helmets offer a helmet, ear defenders and mesh facial protection all-in-one. We can supply both t non-genuine (HSP0043) and a genuine Stihl (HSP0054) option.

Click here to view our ful range of eye protection.

Click here for our full range of head & face protection.



Wear ear defenders to protect your hearing.

We offer a budget friendly option (HSP0023) as well as the popular Mouldex defenders (HSP0460)

Click here to view our full range of ear protection.



You should wear heavy-duty gloves, preferably made of leather for ultimate protection. We supply heavy duty rigger gloves which would be ideal for strimming (HSP0086).



Your whole body should be covered with clothing and all clothing should be close-fitting but with enough movement that the task can be completed effectively. We would encourage you to wear high visibility garments in scenarios where visibility may be poor or where you are working close to hazards such as on the roadside.

Click here for our range of high visibility garments.



Whilst there is no specific recommendation for the type of footwear what should be worn whilst operating a brushcutter, your shoes should be Sturdy with non-slip soles.

Click here to view our range of protective footwear.


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