Introducing the Wireless LED Trailer Light Kit


We all know the problems involved with trailer boards. The cable is too short, so the board falls off or the lights don’t work, and then you end up driving with no lights on the back which runs the risk of being stopped by the police.

The days of these troubles are over. The HEL1893, wireless magnetic LED trailer light kit is the perfect solution to this. They stick on to the back of any truck, trailer or piece of equipment, and as long as the wireless receiver is plugged into the 7-pin plug on the back of the vehicle the lights will be fully functioning. The magnet is very strong and will not fall off, even whilst traveling over extended periods of bumpy track, and providing the magnetic is kept relatively clean from too much dirt, the magnet will stay strong.

The lights are operated with a simple on-off switch on the back, and the plastic carry case also comes with a simple instruction manual, which will inform you what lights on the LED light indicate what.

To charge, it comes with a USB charger, and only requires a cigarette lighter which the cable is plugged into and takes approx 2 – 2.5 hours to charge fully, and once the battery is full it has an 8-hour running life.

Simply put, the wireless LED rear trailer lamp kit is a life saver. It is quick and easy to set up, is well-priced and extremely efficient.

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“Hi. Items arrived very quickly. Top quality products. Many thanks again” Ethan - November 2019

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