Size matters... when it comes to beacons


Size matters!! It's been 30 years since Renault first launched their famous car advert back in 1989 but size still does matter, especially when it come to beacons!

Our latest range of compact Micro beacons tick every box when it comes to size. The squat shape allows you to have a mounted beacon at only 68mm in height! This means these beacons are ideally suited for applications when a compact size is needed - such as on dumper ROPS bars. The size and shape of the beacon allows the ROPS bar to be dropped without risking smashing the beacon.

Not only is this range of beacons ticking boxes for their size, they boast many other features too. The conical LED lamp within the beacon gives you three flash patterns, these can be easily selected via a simple button. The beacons are all also fully ROSH compliant and ECE R65 approved. The unique rubber capped lenses have been designed to further withstand knocks and hits and to protect the lamp from damage.

With three mounting options available in both Amber and Green lenses, we have an option to suit every application.

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