What is AdBlue® and why do I need a designated spill kit?


Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is also commonly known as AdBlue. It is an aqueous urea solution and is widely used in modern diesel engine trucks to help reduce their nitrogen oxide emissions. Since it’s introduction it has become common for AdBlue to be handled, stored and dispensed wherever diesel trucks and engines are fuelled or maintained. 

Many people are unaware that due to the nature of Adblue and its caustic characteristics using a standard Oil Spill Kit is not sufficient and does not meet all regulations.

AdBlue leaks, drips or spills, have the potential to harm the environment, and also may affect personal safety in the workplace. 

An appropriate Spill Kit is essential to contain and control the spill within a certain area. Such a spill kit will not react with the liquids it is designed to control and allows responders to confidently deal with the leak or spillage. 

Diesel refuelling sites typically use oil and fuel spill kits which contain hydrophobic (water-repellent) absorbents. These absorbents are not suitable for use with AdBlue. 

Our range of AdBlue Spill Kits are conveniently labelled and packed in blue bags for easy recognition. The kits contain a variety of all-liquid, polypropylene absorbents colour-coded grey (differentiating them from our white oil and fuel absorbents).


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