Battery Charger vs Booster Pack - Which one do I need?


Do not let yourself be caught out this winter with the inconvenience of a flat battery. Chances are you’ve been there before. The lifeless clicks of the ignition because the battery cannot generate enough power to start the engine!

A flat battery is an easily avoidable aggravation if you have a suitable battery charger. The charger operates by converting alternating currents into direct currents and should be purchased based on the type of batteries it is going to be used on. The higher the output or amperage, the longer the charge lasts and the quicker it will charge. A reliable battery charger is an essential for every workshop or garage.

Alternatively, for on-site situations, a jumper or booster can be used. These packs deliver an instant power signal which is designed to kick-start a battery. These devices have a much higher output than traditional static battery chargers but are not so consistent. Boosters are more useful in an emergency as they can get you up and running instantly, although they are portable, they are not always particularly light weight dependant on the size. Portable jump starters don’t have lithium batteries like the chargers which makes them more compact and they make the process of getting moving again a quick and easy one. Once you have started your engine, it should then be left running for at least 30 minutes. This allows enough time for the alternator to charge the battery.

Now you’ve been warned, there is no excuse to be caught out! Click here to get your battery chargers or booster packs.

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