How to know if you’re using the right grease


How do you know if you’re using the right grease?

A big question that many experienced plant machinery fitters may try and avoid! We all know that using standard MP2 brown grease is great for low temperature, low pressure application such as pins and bushes but what about bearings or open gears?

Due to the lack of specificity in most grease recommendations, it is important to learn how to properly select greases for each application in the plant.

So often I see a ‘one grease greases all’ approach to machine maintenance which although this may appear to be a quick and easy fix will come back to bite you later!

Many mechanics I have spoken to have said that although they would like to use the correct grease for the application the lack of equipment makes it almost impossible to do so. Carrying three grease guns in the van or having them taking up room in the workshop is most often not an option.

This is where the Multi Gun Grease System comes in! Sometimes known as the Reiner Type, this system uses a screw type cartridge which works on a vacuum principle. Because of this changing a cartridge takes a matter of seconds, not minutes, and creates absolutely no mess. The cartridge can be removed, caped and sealed and safely stored until it is needed again.

Using this system allows you to easily swap between MP2 brown grease, Complex Red Grease and Moly Black grease using just one gun! This way you can always be sure you are using the correct grease for the application.

Click here to download our full grease guide for more information and specs.


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