How to replace a Stihl C26-2 Brushcutter head and line


With the sun shinning (on and off!) and plenty of rain finding its way through, this is the time of year the humble petrol strimmer comes into its own! All over the country you’ll find all sizes of strimmer working round the clock, from small DIY models to the professional Stihl models such as the FS131 and FS240.

With these machines all being put through their paces, as you can image, a massive amount of strimmer line is being consumed. This causes problems for contractors and mechanics who have to spend costly downtime threading new line into their strimmer heads.

This is where the new Stihl Autocut C26-2 Strimmer head comes in! Along with some other new heads in the Stihl range this head, the C26-2 (part number HST0016), features a quick refill system which means the head does not need to be taken apart to be refilled. Although a simple system to use, this new feature often confuses people! We have had numerous requests to create a how-to video to show how this process happens and that’s just what we’ve done. See our Stihl specialist, Richard, replace the head and line of a strimmer below...