FAQ's on Sorbant

All your questions answered about Sorbant™!

The range has been tailored exclusively to the construction industry and includes general maintenance spill products, oil only spill products and a range of spill kits for the containment of Adblue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):
Why are absorbent pads different colours?

The Sorbant range comes in two distinct colours White and Grey, this is to make identification as easy as possible. WHITE pads are to clean up Oil spill, where only oil is present. The GREY pads are used to soak up all types hydrocarbons so this includes Fuel as well as oil. These products will also soak up water.

Are the Yellow and Blue Sorbant spill kit bags waterproof?

All the bags in the Sorbant range are fully waterproof. In fact these bags are made from a tent grade material for a heavy-duty wear.

Can I brand my own kits from the Sorbant range?

One of the unique services we offer is to purchase the 20 litre oil spill kits complete with your own company branding! Many customers take advantage of this service to brand up spill kits that are sent out with machinery such as bowsers etc.