Purple Beacons: Who needs them?


Purple Beacons: who needs them? What are they all about?

We all know about the Amber beacon and in recent years we have all got used to seeing the Green beacon displayed on machines on constructions sites and highways. And for those working in the mining and quarry industries both Red and Blue beacons are a common sight. So what are Purple beacons all about?

In some countries Purple beacons are commonly found to mark vehicles leading funeral processions but in the UK and Ireland they have another use! 360° construction machinery working on the highways in the UK and which are working in close proximity to the carriageway are being fitted with an electronic restrictor on the slew mechanism to stop any potential accidents. Machinery fitted with this technology is now also being fitted with an additional Purple beacon. The beacon is connected the electronic slew restrictor and lights up when the restrictor is turned on. This lets anyone working in the vicinity of machine know at a glance that the restrictor is in operation.

A simple but effective way of visually informing workers that the correct safety device is fitted and being operated when it should be!

Here at HTS we offer a range of Mico LED Beacons in Purple with 3 different fixing options;

HEL1841 - Purple Micro LED Spigot Beacon
HEL1846 - Purple Micro LED Mag Beacon
HEL1846 - Purple Micro LED Single Bolt Beacon

Check our website for full details - https://www.htsspares.com/catalogue/electrical/beacons/led-micro-beacons

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