Updated Guidance On Lifting With Excavators

Contrary to previous advice from industry officials, it has this week been confirmed that excavators can be used for lifting. However, it remains a dangerous practice and therefore vital that correct procedures are followed with caution.

To protect operators and maintain the highest level of safety, the Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group (SFPSG) has published a revised version of their lifting operations guide. The new edition details the precautions and procedures that should be taken when performing lifting operations with excavators.

A copy of the guide can be downloaded from the Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA) website:

Kevin Minton, CPA director and Chairman of the SFPSG said: “As lifting using excavators has become much more prolific and in many cases excavators are only lifting equipment on site, it was time for us to update and expand the guidance, highlighting and emphasising that lifting suspended loads with excavators is no different to the management and execution of the lifting of loads using a traditional crane. The increased guidance means that lift planners now need to think carefully about just using an excavator for the lifting operations on their site even though it may be convenient.”

It is crucial that any excavator lifting attachments used are fully tested, marked and come complete with a valid certificate. HTS stocks a range of lifting hook attachments, available in various sizes and all tested to conform with industry regulations. You can shop the range here:

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