Seat Belt Kits - LED

Seat belt warning kit

Have you considered the HSE recommendations for mobile plant?

" A suitable seatbelt needs to be fitted and routinely worn by the operator. A visible green warning light should be fitted in a prominent location which, if lit, will confirm that the seat belt is being worn"

  • Kit contains:
  • Flexi spigot mount
  • Green LED beacon (that don't interfere with lazer levels)*
  • In-line fuse holder
  • Orange retractable seatbelt c/w 3 wired microswitch

*The Centaur range of beacons from Radial uses high quality LEDs to produce a beacon ideal for the plant and construction market

Quality ultra bright category D LEDs
Very low consumption
No more lamp changes - LEDs guaranteed for 100,000 hrs
Dual voltage 12/24v
Laser compliant (will not upset site lasers)
Unbreakable lenses
Vibration resistant

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