Deb Step 2 Cleanse

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Deb Step 2 - Cleanse is part of the Deb 3 step skin protection.  

  • The Deb step 2 dispensers are robust, wall mounted, push-button heavy duty hand cleansing dispensers. Available in the following sizes.
    • 4 Litre
    • 2 Litre
    • 3.25 Litre - Gritty Foam dispenser. (transforms 3ml of heavy duty hand cleansing liquid up to 5 times its volume for a rich-cream foam containing uniquley suspended Bio-Scrubbers).
  • The Deb step 2 cartridges are available in the following types:
    • Gritty Foam - A rich-cream heavy duty foaming hand cleaner with suspended non-abrasive bio-scrubbers for a deep cleaning action.
    • Citrus Wash - Powerful citrus hand cleanser with Deb's unique patented combination of natural cornmeal hand scrub and orange oil.
    • Orange Pure - A pure translucent 'citrus zest' lotion hand cleaner with natural cocnut oil.
    • Lime Wash - a gentle but effective heavy duty hand cleanser containing the unique, patented combination of natural cornmeal hand scrub & lime extracts.


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