Jockey Wheels Prop Stands & Clamps

HTS Jockey Wheel & Clamp FAQs

The following instructions have been issued by your trailer manufacturer regarding the safe fitting and operation of jockey wheels.  Below are some things to consider when using a jockey wheel to ensure optimum performance and safety;


  • Ensure clamp is properly secured before each use
  • Do not use a clamp that is not designed for the same sized jockey wheel (ie. 34mm jockey wheel with 42mm clamp)
  • Never exceed stated nose weight
  • Check condition before each use
  • Grease/lubricate regularly
  • Do not use if damaged
  • Do not attempt to wind the jockey wheel beyond its minimum or maximum prescribed height
  • Check pressure of pneumatic wheels (where fitted) regularly
  • Inspect rubber components for signs of perishing and deterioration frequently and replace when necessary
  • Ensure wheel is stowed securely when caravan/trailer is hitched
  • Confirm installation complies with caravan or trailer manufacturer specification and guidelines – if in doubt, seek professional advice
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