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How The Fire Safety Stick Works

Revolutionising Fire Safety: Fire Safety Stick - smaller, lighter, more powerful.

Fire prevention and response is an essential consideritation when working with construction machinery, both for safety and legislation compliance.

However, unfortunately an area that has been long overlooked by innovation. Heavy fire extinguishers take a lot of space, are difficult to deploy, and require different forms for different fires.

These prove difficult when working with machinery because of the space and weight required, as well as the mess they can leave behind.

But there’s a new extinguisher in town! One that almost feels like it was made for construction machinery and workshops. The Fire Safety Stick is the world's most compact, lightweight fire extinguisher boasting a minimum 15-year shelf life.

How it Works: A Closer Look

Unlike most extinguishers that release a coating, the Fire Safety Stick releases a gas that attaches to the oxygen surrounding the fire - disrupting its ability to sustain combustion.

For smaller fires such as in/on a machine, the Fire Safety Stick can be used to create a ‘cloud of containment’ around the fire, extinguishing the fire by removing its oxygen source.

In cases of larger fires such as a workshop, leave the Fire Safety Stick deployed near the fire to repress, allowing time for a safe evacuation.

See it in action here:

Available in 50-second or 100-second discharge lengths, this non-pressurised fire suppressant is suitable for fire categories A, B, C, F, and Electrical (100,000v).